Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have a New Teenager by Friday

                                                         By Kevin Leman

The information printed in this book will often make you think "this is just common sense" but then you will find yourself asking why you don't do it that way. Once again Leman has provided an excellent resource for those raising teenagers.

Since I have two teenagers in my house I found myself laughing at how accurate he is at what goes on in so many of our homes today. If you are struggling with a teenager or have one that is getting ready to become a teenagers this is a great read that will make you laugh while challenging you, inspire you and maybe give you the courage to try something new.

The first half of the book is something to think about Monday through Friday and then the second half addresses many of the challenges of living with a teenager today.

 I bought this in preparation for a seminar I am working on called “Raising Teens in this Wacky Crazy World” but hope we can apply some of the things I learned in my own home. As a pastor it will go on my books worth reading list.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heaven is for Real

By Todd Burpo

    With Lynn Vincent

While I am sure many will wonder if this is a true story it is a wonderful story of a four year old boy that is misdiagnosed and almost dies before making a full recovery. Months later while passing the hospital his dad asks if he would like to go back to the hospital while they are there. Colton, his son, begins to talk about his experience with being in heaven with Jesus while he is there to the surprise of his parents.

The book is about the next several years as he describes people that he met in heaven, people that had died long before he was born and he knew nothing about. This included a miscarried baby that his mother had lost before he was born and he had never been told about. He talked about his grandfather that had died in a car accident in 1961 and can identify him from a photo when he is a young man. His dad is a pastor and will share his story of faith struggle during Colton's illness and his journey of trying to learn Colton's story without influencing what Colton remembered.

In this story you will see this young boys experience with heaven, God, Jesus, angles, those that have died and what he learned. I found the story compelling and a quick read that will make you think of many questions and maybe answer a few. It is a book worth reading.