Monday, March 8, 2010

7 things he’ll never tell you {but you need to know}

By Kevin Leman

This is a book for ladies that love their husbands and want them to know it. God designed us male and female and that means we are different in many ways. In this book Kevin Leman talks about what men crave in their relationship with their wife. Most men are terrible at allowing anyone including their wife to know what they really need in life. I found myself smiling and saying things like "so I am not weird!" and "I know exactly what you are saying!" as I read this book.
"It's Thursday and I am out of words already." (But if you want to keep talking honey, go ahead)
"Think of me as a four-year-old that shaves."
"I have a purple dining room, and I couldn't care less!"
"I'm desperate for you to need me."
"I've thought about sex 33 times today, and it's not even noon."
"I told you I didn't want to go!"
"I'd take a bullet for you."
Those are the topics for the seven chapters helping you understand how to connect with your husband and tell him you love him.
This will go on my recommended reading list for couples during premarital and marriages counseling as well as those that are just trying to improve their relationship.

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