Sunday, April 6, 2008

Leading Turnaround Churches

By Gene Wood
If you are a leader in a church that is stagnant or declining like more than 85% of the churches in the United States and want to turn it around to growth this book is a must.

Turnaround ministry is for those that like a challenge and are not afraid of conflict. In this book Wood deals with many of the costs of leading a church to the changes necessary for new life and growth. Before you enter this type of ministry you should consider the costs. They can be very high and the pressure considerable.

He talks about what a turnaround looks like and the characteristics of those leaders. He also addresses what you can expect from your pastor if you want them to do turnaround ministry.
Wood says that 95% of all problems in the church come from a power struggle.

This book will help leaders understand and evaluate their ability to lead their church from a plateau and decline to a time of growth. This ministry is not for the weak. I highly recommend this book to all church leaders.

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